Melburn Roobaix 2011 video filmed by Troy, Tim and Tom.  Produced by Tom Hall.  Music by Melburn band The Hello Morning – Without You.

Thrones has teamed up with Fyxomatosis to deliver a limited edition Melburn Roobaix design for the 6th Annual ‘Hell of the Northcote’.

In the words of Fyxomatosis:

“For those unfamiliar with what has been a cycling cult classic over the past 5 years, Melburn Roobaix is a cycle rally based on the French spring classic ‘Paris-Roubaix‘ which is one of the oldest cycle races in the world.

Like the French version the route incorporates some of Melburn’s longest and bumpiest cobbled pave sectors, dirt tracks, cycle paths and finishes at the Brunswick outdoor velodrome.

Unlike the French version there are no prizes for first, second or third. It is not a race.

There will be lycra. There will be long socks. There will be baggy shorts. There will be skinny jeans. No matter what sect of the cycling religion you follow, there will be fellow bretheren.

Select your bike, your gearing, your tyre width and pressure and start searching for every back alley, cobbled lane, dirt track in preparation for the 6th annual MELBURN ROOBAIX – Hell of the Northcote.”

see www.fyxomatosis.com for more.

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