Bike Thrones Melbourne Roller Derby

Last Thursday night saw the inaugural Bike Thrones Melbourne Roller Derby comp kick off at the George Lane Bar in St Kilda.

Brunswick Cycling Club brought along the old school, original Roller Derby set complete with dial and 2 hands to monitor all of the action.

The Throne was set, the podium princesses were ready and the beer was cold.

The pictures below give you a feel for how the night ended up.

Chris “Chippo” Pescott letting it rip on the rollers

Noel – “is the dial moving yet”

Elly showing the boys how its done

Noel & Philthy go head to head in a close race

Collo letting rip

“Seriously, its just like riding a bike”

“Don’t worry I’ve got you.”

Ben makes it through to the final but falls shot on the closing stages

Dale “The Wooz” Woonton stays focus throughout to take out the win

“Come on ladies I was joking”

The high roller shares his winners

The Wooz can’t wait to get his royal arse on the King of The Cobbles edition

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