The Daredevil


High performance bike seat featuring the stars and stripe on a white background with hollow Ti rails and a nylon and carbon fibre base.


Some say he’s crazy. Some say he has no fear. Some say he is Evel’s love child.  One thing is for sure if he sees a gap he’s going to try and jump across it.  He is the daredevil.

Not afraid to break away from the pack on his own, this all-star hero has made a name for himself where others dared not.

He got his start jumping trash cans on his BMX for spare change.  He followed the cash for a while but wasn’t content dodging traffic on the streets as a bike messenger or being led out at 70kph for a big stage sprints through narrow city streets.  Now living the dream – jumping the impossible under pedal power and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by a dude on his bike.

His body is covered with the scars to prove it, each with their own story to tell.  He has broken every bone in his body 14 times and he has more pins and screws in his body than airport security screening can handle.

He tested this seat for us with his arse on fire and all it got was a few burn marks.

Base: Carbon injected Nylon
Rail: Hollow Ti
Foam: Super Light
Cover: 1 piece microfibre
Weight: 215g


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