Fighter Pilot


High performance bike seat featuring a kamikaze stencil on a brown background with hollow Ti rails and a nylon and carbon fibre base.


His moves may appear like suicide runs to most, but the Fighter Pilot is always on a mission. He’s happy to break the wind and be the first to make a move. He fights for nothing less than victory.

Light on the brakes, hard into the turns, fast through the chicanes, he fly’s on instinct. Some say he’s got all the moves. Some say he can do it all blindfolded.

On weekends he can be found being motor paced around Tokyo on his keirin fixie, wearing his signature leather fighter jacket, aviators and proudly displaying his death or glory tatt.

Not to be messed with the fighter pilot is destined for immortality.

Bike seat tested at 6G – and it only gets better.

Base: Carbon injected Nylon
Rail: Hollow Ti
Foam: Super Light
Cover: 1 piece microfibre
Weight: 215g


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