King of the Alpes


High performance bike seat featuring the Polka Dots and 21 hairpins of Alpe D’Heuz with hollow Ti rails and a nylon and carbon fibre base.


The King of the Alpes is relentless as he climbs to the KOM jersey – he lives for polka dots.  Plenty have tried but none can match the rhythm that he taps out on his pedals as he dances to glory.  He comes into his own when it gets over 10%. Loves barren mountain tops, ski fields in the summer, thin air, hair pins and steep finishes.

If he has to sleep at sea level he ensures his altitude tent is turned up to max.

Some accuse him of using EPO, others think his fridge is full of bags of off season blood.  Few know that the real secret is in his training diet of hourly espressos and pain de chocolats.

He tested this seat on an arduous program of 66 back to back reps on each category 1 mountain in the alpes.  Odd reps were seated, even reps were out of the seat.  All descents were tested without brake pads to ensure its fast.  Trust us its fast.  It gets the Thrones Team stamp of approval.

He lives for the 21 hair pins of Alpe d’heuz.

Base: Carbon injected Nylon
Rail: Hollow Ti
Foam: Super Light
Cover: 1 piece microfibre
Weight: 215g

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