High performance bike seat featuring the Soleus horse with the golden eye on a black microfibre with hollow Ti rails and a nylon and carbon fibre base.


Soleus [soh-lee-uh s] Maximus – The God of Cycling

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Back when Zeus was an amateur and Achilles was play fighting with his shadow there lived a hard man, a beast of a man – Soleus. He was the god of cycling. Immortalised in the minds of aspiring hard men for centuries to come due to his relentless pursuit of pain and suffering on two wheels. Soleus will be remembered forever as the first man to ride a bike into battle.

Soleus started as a servant, a domestique, to the great warriors, riding their food, drink and supplies to the front line. He soon found himself picking up a sword and taking it to the enemy. One day in a particular fierce battle that had lasted for 3 weeks he finished off the last of the enemy. He turned around to celebrate with his army, but found that they had all been left behind. Realising he had single-handedly defeated the enemy he put his arms in the air in victory while riding across the battle line.

Soleus then returned to his village in the mountains to celebrate with his long term bike & sword builder, Barry. Barry was the man to see if you needed any high performance metal work. He was the sword smith to only the greatest of warriors. Soleus & Barry worked on his machine for years getting the balance between speed and strength just right. The front of the frame was led down like a sword to ensure it cut through the wind.

Not many people got to see Soleus because he spent so long on his bike preparing for battle in remote mountainous regions, but he was rumoured to be a beast of a man. With the body of a horse and the eye of a tiger he was feared by all.

Soleus now looks over cyclists all over the world and ensures their ride is smooth, the sun is on their face and the wind is on their back, the lights are green and the traffic is owing.

Base: Carbon injected Nylon
Rail: Hollow Ti
Foam: Super Light
Cover: 1 piece microfibre
Weight: 215g


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