White King of the Cobbles (NEW)


High performance bike seat featuring black Lion of Flanders and key details from the infamous Koppenberg on white background with hollow Ti rails and a nylon and carbon fibre base.



Defined by his loose hands, square jaw, hard pedal strokes and a tough arse – he is the King of the Cobbles. He’s no pretty boy, he loves it rough and doesn’t mind a bit of mud. Most riders follow the summer around the globe, not this guy. He follows the winter. His program involves riding in the rain on the back roads. Some say they’re not roads but in fact cattle tracks.

He grew up living on the top of the Koppenberg. His first bike was passed down from his father who in turn got it from his father. It was a steel track bike with a 49 – 14 gear setup. From a long line of riders that were too tough to walk his bike up the hill he soon had legs of steel.

Post race he likes to be sprayed down with a garden hose while still seated on his bike. Once dry you’ll find him getting stuck into a few of Belgium’s finest beers with hot frites & aioli.

This seat was found to keep blood flowing to the crown jewels after a day in the cobbles.

Base: Carbon injected Nylon
Rail: Hollow Ti
Foam: Super Light
Cover: 1 piece microfibre
Weight: 215g


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