The Wooz called it – “I’ll be hitting form in January”

Team rider Dale “Wooz” Woonton called it back in November that he said he would not be coming into form until January.  “That’s when i’ll start using the Zipps”.

Looks like he knows what he’s talking about after a stellar performance at the Carnegie Caulfield Crits at Glenvale Cres on the 15th of January finishing 4th.  The scary thing for the rest of us is that he is only using 1 Zipp as he is keeping the other 1 up his sleeve for Feb.

Wooz started the day with a cruisy roll out to the race with the boys and a can of Monster energy.

Wooz featured here on the front of the bunch doing some early work to keep the pace high with Dangerous Dave on his wheel.


Troy & Wocca did there best during the race to out grovel each other, sucking in the big ones here.

Wooz ended up making the final move to feature in a break away of 6 guys.  The other riders in the break were all full time riders with their support teams, coaches, etc, etc.  The other riders couldn’t believe Wooz made the break and kept turning around to see if he was still there.  Wooz just smiled back.

Look out the other Zipp will be in soon.

Wooz rides Thrones Soleus.

Thanks to Michael Eaddy for the photos.

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