Western Australia Alley Cat race – Poker & Alley Cat anyone?

The B.I.G High Rollers Poker-Cat

The guys at Beers instead of Gears are putting together what is shaping up to be WA’s best alley cat race.  Its going to be a checkpoint race & poker run.

Meet at Banks Reserve in East Perth at 1pm on the 24th of September for rego.  All bikes are welcome but fixies or single speed are preferred.

Tonnes of prizes including a Thrones seat.  Other prizes from Creux, Knog, Gear Shop Brisbane, Fyxation, Saint Cloud, Bike Jam, Liberty Bikes, Dismantle, The Bicycle Entrepreneur, Liberty, Hub, Grande Scheme, Leader and Skin Grows Back.

Email the guys for more info:  beersinsteadofgears@hotmail.com

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