British Bulldog (NEW)




God Save the British Bulldog!

The British Bulldog’s appearance can be somewhat intimidating and dominating, he will accelerate away from any rider chasing him down, and few would risk a close encounter with a rider brave enough to bait a bull. The British Bulldog is known for his courage and excellent domestique duties. He understands his place in the peloton and is fiercely loyal and reliable.

Bullheaded and determined, the Bulldog can be very persistent. He does not give up easily, he enjoys slogging out hundreds of kilometres out on the open roads. The Bulldog is very much a people person, seeking out attention and loving every bit he can get. He is full of energy and a big eater, loads of carbs to fuel his long hard kilometres.

Base: Carbon injected Nylon

Rail: Hollow Ti

Foam: Super Light

Cover: 1 piece microfibre

Weight: 215g


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