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We ride to grovel!  We LOVE to GROVEL


When designing the ultimate bike seat we focused on a few key features:

  • It first and foremost had to support our groveling habit – we found a flat top with a long and narrowing nose allowed us to move forward and grovel like there is no tomorrow.
  • It had to be strong – so we developed a 1 piece base made of nylon and reinforced with carbon fibre
  • It had to be light – so we used hollow ti railsWe love sitting up and talking shit almost as much as we love groveling – so it had to be comfortable so we used a super light foam
  • It had to be good for technical courses, the type of course where you’re in a different riding position every 100ms or so – on off on off/hanging over the back for descents – the nose is easy to slide onto and the back is rounded and curved to allow for a bit of bike spooning
  • It also had to be comfortable for riding to work on pants off friday – we used a 1 piece microfibre with no stitching to prevent any nasty chaffing

What the guys say:

“Put the seat on my race bike – Fucking deeeeluxe” Simon “Rhino” Van Velthooven (Bronze Medal 2012 UCI 1km TT Track World Championships)

“I’ve been riding the Daredevil with its terrific shape and feel.  I’m very comfortable on rides over 7 hours or demanding crits that need that constant up and down.  As one of the larger riders in the group I need plenty of support and the strength of the saddle means I get full power into the pedals.  Thrones are great!”  Tom Leaper (2 times Giro rider & all-round good guy)

(In the first week)..“I’ve done 2x30km , 2x50km and today 120km ride on the new Throne . It’s absolutely the most comfortable I’ve ever ridden.  I have been riding saddles with large cutouts to stop numbness but they have limited riding positions and lose there shape quickly. Yours is just great, no numbness and plenty of length to move up and down the seat. The 120km was on pretty rough roads to and it was just great.” Rosco (North Qld gun)

Bike Saddle specs bicycle seat


Base: Nylon reinforced with Carbon

Rails: Hollow Ti

Foam: Super Lite

Cover: 1 piece microfibre sourced from the bikinis of virgins

Weight: 215g


What the reviewers say:

“The shape is well suited to mountain biking with a very flat and long top which allows quite a lot of fore and aft movement for those tough climbs. The nose is quite long and flat but it’s not too wide as to rub on the inside of your thigh. Moving back, the shoulders of the saddle are wide enough for you to press into when trying to get the power down but also aren’t so wide as to inhibit off the saddle maneuvering.    ….From the very first kilometre my butt got on famously with Daredevil model tested.” Enduro Magazine  see full review.  Enduro Magazine Thrones test review

“The test ride was to be a ‘leisurely’ 200 kilometre journey to Sorrento in Victoria taking in some of the most beautiful coastal roads Melbourne’s bayside has to offer. Before we even got halfway it was evident that the ride was to be anything but leisurely. We were made to push hard into a strong headwind, we were confronted with storms and then eventually sunshine. However, despite riding through all that could be thrown at us, not once did I feel uncomfortable on my Throne.”  Rick Horvat Ultimate Cycling Australia.  See full review…Ultimate Cycling Australia Magazine – Thrones_Review

“Once on the bike and in the saddle, so to speak, I found that the Throne was actually quite comfortable. There’s a lot of support and despite the lack of any sort of love channel, there was no sign of numbness, even on long rides. Another pleasing aspect was the lack of cant, or how quickly the saddle falls away from the centre. One of my pet hates is saddles that do this too sharply. You find your bum cheeks gradually moving further apart and then every kilometre or so you have to stand up on the pedals and rearrange yourself. There was none of that here, the top of the Throne being flat almost right to the edge.”  Simon Hayes Bicycling Australia.  See full review Bicycling Australia Mar/Apr 2011 – Test Lab Thrones